Kevin Bandee: Summer Hummingbirds I | Original

30 x 30" image size
Mixed Media Original
POA - Please enquire at the gallery.
Kevin's vivid original images are inspired by fractals, infinite complex pictures of repeating geometric shapes that exist within nature. They can be found in the intricate details of trees, snowflakes, clouds and crystals, and he uses their shapes and concepts in combination with dazzling colours and some of nature's most beautiful creations. His ambition to recreate these amazing natural effects in his paintings was where his artistic journey began.
Kevin was interested in art from an early age and this interest matured into a passion. A self-taught artist and visionary, he began working with tools that he made himself and experimented with ideas ranging from digital landscapes to metal wall art. There was, and is, always a collection of research materials and images stored away in his studio to be used in the future for that next piece.
Kevin has explored a wide range of subjects, but when he came across the symbolism of butterflies he was inspired to paint them. He forged an immediate and immensely strong connection with this subject; through further research he discovered that butterflies are important symbols in many different cultures, often connected with joy, peace and transformation. Although he says he is not especially spiritual in his day to day life, the two things are connected in his mind, and this gives his art an added emotional dimension.
Although he acknowledges his admiration for other artists, Kevin has always sought to depart from existing styles and genres and to make something which is both new and original. His extensive experimentation and the many hours spent painting in the studio have led him to a multi-layered approach in which varying depths of colour and texture create a mesmerizing whole.
Kevin uses acrylics and resin to create aqueous surface design. His technique is indebted to the Turkish art of 'ebru', involving marbling, pouring, chemical reaction, fluid and flow. He revisits each piece many times to ensure that the three dimensional effect is working in perfect harmony with his portrayals of nature.
"My aim has always been to find my own voice - a style free outside influences that has never been seen before, and my fractal inspired homages to nature are highly personal and, I hope, unique."

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