Fly Away I - Original

Artist: Vincent George

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Artist Biography

“Mankind”, says Vincent George, “ is defined by our creativity, our curiosity and our need to share what we think and what we feel. We’re all artists in that sense.”

Vincent has spent much of his life exploring the artistic possibilities of the world around him with inquisitive eyes and an open mind. His declared mission to seek his own truth is evident throughout his work and is presented in a way that compels the viewer to look at life under his thought provoking spotlight.

His subject matter is diverse, embracing cities, forests, animals, figures and the surreal.

Amongst his many exploratory works is his innovative ‘Torch’ series, created on wood by free-hand blowtorch, which was inspired by his interest in American history as shown in old sepia photographs. Using pyrography to recreate this idea has been just one of a variety of cutting edge techniques that Vincent has employed to evoke a strong emotional response in the viewer, and his most recent ‘Gilded Forest’ collection is one of the most successful examples of this process.

The series has been created on Mylar with oil paints overlaid with silver, copper and gold leaf, highlighted with striking flecks of variegated leafing. These serene and exquisite paintings have a special place in Vincent’s heart, as each one is infused with memories of his upbringing in the lush landscape of New York State. Regardless of where he has lived or what he was doing at the time, Vincent has always returned to these visual memories through his art. For him, transferring the gorgeous scenes in his head onto canvas or paper is not merely a means to make a living. It is an extension of himself; an intricate and completely necessary process that he could not do without, and the imagery has a power and intensity that reflects this personal quest.

Vincent grew up in Newburgh, New York. From very early childhood, he expressed himself with everything from comical doodles to charcoal sketches on grocery store paper bags. The hours spent using these unlikely tools began to shape the seasoned artist at an early age. His youth was largely spent hiking in the summers and skiing in the winters. He often took a sketchbook with him and before long the sketching began to take precedence over the outdoor activity. By the age of 17 art had become his passion, and he was searching for art-related projects such as murals and private portrait commissions.

He enrolled in the Savannah College of Art & Design, then later graduated in Communications Design and Illustration from Brooklyn’s famous Pratt Institute. Although he was swept up by his urban surroundings, his preference for quiet rural places was only reinforced by the experience of life in Brooklyn. After receiving his Bachelor's degree Vincent embarked on a career as a designer, and it wasn’t until he relocated to Georgia that his creative desire was reinvigorated. Here he was reunited with nature but also met his partner and she has been an inspirational figure ever since, helping him to redefine success and happiness through art.

Today, Vincent’s work is highly sought-after in the United States where it is collected by many private and prominent figures in the art world. He is a major presence at key art fairs including: Palm Beach Show, Scope, Art Silicon Valley and Context Art Miami, and has exhibited at Hampton Classic Horse Show. It is a privilege to add an international artist of his calibre to the portfolio.

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