Find Art by Ambiance

Tranquil & Calm

View our curated list of artists who have historically created calming atmospheres in our clients homes.
If you are looking for a soft piece to relax and help you transcend reality. Tranquil and Calming art is for you.

Perfect for, Lounges, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms.

Unique & Modern

Looking for that unusual statement piece? Discover the perfect artwork to add an elegant talking point to your space, with a modern twist.

Perfect for hallways, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Mysterious & Seductive

A story of lovers, a broken heart or the mystery of the gangsta underground... Discover stunning artworks which will tell a story and create a talking point for your space.

Perfect for dining areas, games room, bedrooms and lounges.

Bright & Vibrant

Bring light and energy into your space. Discover a mix of artwork from bright abstracts, bold wildlife and quirky distinctive artist styles, bound to make you smile.

Ideal for kitchens, lounges and entertainment rooms.


Bring a smile to your space! with humorous artworks that will look stylish as well as add a fun talking point!

Great for family spaces, Games Room, Children's rooms and Bars/ Entertaining spaces.

Urban & Street

The iconic genre of urban art, a timeless artistic style for the modern collector. Urban graffiti art can incorporate pop culture icons or hold political messages by mysterious artists who prefer to remain anonymous.

Perfect for family spaces, contemporary decor, hallways, studies and lounges.