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Buy Original Fine Art Paintings

Making art easy

Here at London Row, you can buy Original Fine Art Paintings with ease. Our bespoke service can be found online or on the high street, giving you fantastic access to a wonderful catalogue of Artists.

Explore our catalogue

With over 80 international artists’ work on our website, you can buy Original Fine Art Paintings and the process has never been more straightforward. Get lost in our immersive catalogue of introspective and original works created by our stunning collective of talent.

By providing our customers with an art consultancy and home approval service, we make sure our customers will find the perfect works for their home.

Our consultants are trained to find art which inspires you, fulfils your desires and enriches your life. Our consultants will find a piece which is complementary to your chosen environment, whether that be the walls or the garden. With hundreds of works at our disposal, from limited edition prints and sculpture to photography and paintings, our consultants aim to discover the best option for you.

Protecting your investment

We understand how important original fine art is to our customers and that protecting these investments is vital for your peace of mind. With unique art insurance policies provided by Ultimart Insurance, we aim to make the process of purchasing and moving these valuable works as stress-free and as safe as possible.

Ultimart provides you with a hassle-free experience. With value-increase protection integrated into our plans, you can rest assured your investment is safe with cover for up to 200% of the purchase price.

With hundreds of works of original fine art for sale, we aim to make the process of buying your next piece easy. We understand that art is an investment, and we are here to make sure you make the right one.