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Art Investment

Investing in art is an exciting way to grow your money and with the pleasure of owning artworks.
Art is apart of its own unique market, this is what makes it so attractive to the investor, as it will not fluctuate with the likes of the financial market.
Historically, original artworks will create a bigger return on re sale than limited editions.
However, some of our select top artists are wildly in demand and their limited editions will increase in value over time.

Discover our top investment artists below and contact the gallery to speak about your investment journey.

Fabian Perez


Craig Alan


Todd White


There is no minimum holding period, but the recommended time varies depending on the work you acquire. We initially recommend holding a work in your portfolio for a minimum of 2-3 years and usually 3-5 years. There is, however, no minimum holding period. You own the artwork outright and can elect to sell your art at any time.

Art is not classed as a liquid asset unlike some stocks and shares. Like any asset, the value of art can rise as well as fall. There is a risk you may struggle to sell the piece of art you invest in for a profit.

Both limited edition prints and original artworks can be used as an investment vehicle for growth, in some cases the percentage return can be somewhat higher for a print versus an original.

In your mind you really need to set a budget in terms of what you can afford as this will help narrow down the works available to you, to start your art portfolio.

Art is the ultimate personal statement. If you buy the art you love, art that speaks to you, your collection will become a visual collage of who you are. Although buying art can lead to some great investments, most people buy simply because they form a real connection with the work.

If you are unsure what you are looking for or don't quite see it, speak to the our gallery team and they will help you.

A limited edition is normally hand signed and numbered by the artist you will typically see numbers in the bottom corner of your piece, i.e 14/195.

The first number is the number of the certified print itself and the number you own and the second number is the number of how many editions total are in the collection, in this case it would be a total collection of 195.

Each piece is hand signed by the artist and supplied with a certificate of authenticity which will also have the edition number on the certificate.

An original painting is the first creation of a piece of work. It will be a complete one off and typically are higher value. The artist would have touched and worked on that very piece; there will be a lot more texture to an original painting in comparison to a limited edition.

Original is 1/1 in the entire world and are a unique privilege to own.

Our paintings are supplied mounted and framed unless stated otherwise. Each artist has chosen each frame to complement each work of art so we always recommend trying the existing frames before decided to have the painting re - framed.

Artwork is one of the few insurable items that is more likely to appreciate in value over time. Specialist cover is therefore required to ensure you get the protection you need. 
Since art is generally unique, you want to make sure you have claims settlement  options which fully compensate for any damages.

We are able to put our clients in touch with our art insures, who do not effect your home or contents insurance.They are trust worthy and separate to the gallery.

London Row Gallery is a who value a bespoke experience for all clients. We are renowned for going above and beyond and that is just how we like it. Being in the business for over ten years, we understand that every clients art needs vary and we are here to make the experience of buying art enjoyable. From a gift for a loved one to looking at investing. Nothing is to small or large and we love to cater to all and give you the best advice possible.

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