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Art Investment

Investing in art is an exciting way to grow your money and with the pleasure of owning artworks.
Art is apart of its own unique market, this is what makes it so attractive to the investor, as it will not fluctuate with the likes of the financial market.
Historically, original artworks will create a bigger return on re sale than limited editions.
However, some of our select top artists are wildly in demand and their limited editions will increase in value over time.

Discover our top investment artists by speaking to our art advisors and we can help you on your investment journey.

Is there a minimum holding period?

There is no minimum holding period, but the recommended time varies depending on the work you acquire. We initially recommend holding a work in your portfolio for a minimum of 2-3 years and usually 3-5 years. There is, however, no minimum holding period. You own the artwork outright and can elect to sell your art at any time.

What are the risks?

Art is not classed as a liquid asset unlike some stocks and shares. Like any asset, the value of art can rise as well as fall. There is a risk you may struggle to sell the piece of art you invest in for a profit.

Does a piece of art have to be original in order to be classed as investment grade art?

Both limited edition prints and original artworks can be used as an investment vehicle for growth, in some cases the percentage return can be somewhat higher for a print versus an original.

How much should I spend in artworks?

In your mind you really need to set a budget in terms of what you can afford as this will help narrow down the works available to you, to start your art portfolio.