How does a commission work?

You will work directly with one of our art advisors who will work with you to understand your needs.
You will be able to choose the size of your piece, colour schemes and even base your commission from previous works by your chosen artist and on occasions, typically with our urban artists, choose to include particular icons or personal messaging within the artwork.

Your art advisor can also help guide you if you are unsure what style of art is best fitted for your space.

We will put forward your detailed brief to the artist and they will get to work creating your own private original work of art!

Ultimately, you will end up with a completely bespoke original by your favorite artist and it will soon become the most meaningful artwork in your collection.

Previous commission examples

Keith Proctor

Keith Proctor Commission

Our client wanted a personal piece of their children based off the painting on the left. However, their daughter had long dark curly hair and older than their son (had to be taller than the son) .

They wanted to have their son holding flowers and with a darker background setting to match their interiors.  

The finished bespoke commission is to the right and now resembles their children.

Even though we put forward the adaptations for a new commission piece, it will always ultimately be left to the artists impression.

YUVI Commission

This was a totally bespoke piece based from our clients love of YUVI as an artist.

The piece was based around a theme of all things 'British' with these particular features... can you spot them?

English Bull Dog
Liverpool Street (tube)
Union Jack Flag

Red mail pillar box
James Bond – Sean Connery
Winston Churchill
Magic Roundabout Zebedee/Dougal/Ermintrude!
William Shakespeare
Rolling Stones
Mini car

Quotes "Never give up"

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ZINSKY - Commission

Based on Heath Ledger as the Joker. Vibrant blues with cartoon illustration of other characters from the Batman comics.

The wording of 'Why so serious?' hidden in the background.

Finished in a bespoke leather crocodile print frame.

Bespoke Leather frame

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