Is Art RISKY Business?

Art does more than brighten a living space.
The art market has become one of the hottest new investment crazes in recent years. An Art Basel annual report estimates global art market sales
reached over 68 billion in 2019. Painting and sculpture collectors frequently buy pieces with an eye towards adding to their investment portfolio. Like stocks and bonds, art can increase in value. If an up-and-coming artist goes on to a successful career, the cash value of their work will skyrocket.

ART Rules... the art market follows rules of its own.
One major perk of art as an asset is that its value doesn’t rise or decline with the stock market. Even if your stocks aren’t performing well, your art investment may be doing great – good news for the savvy investor who wants to diversify a portfolio and minimise risk. And ideally art will continue appreciating in value over time.

First Steps...
Firstly, decide how much money you’re happy spending.

Secondly, consider the aesthetic pleasure first and the financial benefits second. Browse sites like Artnet and online auction houses like Sotheby’s to get a sense of how the market works, but the easiest route is to talk to a reputable gallery who will help guide you on your art journey.
Since this is the information age, plenty of high-end artwork sells online and collectors are becoming increasingly comfortable using this platform to buy art. But before you buy over the Internet, make sure you’re purchasing from a legitimate gallery, dealer, or investment firm.

Art is non-liquid
Art and real estate go hand in hand and can take much longer to sell but are good solid investments... plus, you get so much more enjoyment from them.
Here are some signs why the reward might outweigh the risk.
• You simply enjoy art.
• It can be an extension of your personality and taste.
• It brings ambience, character and points of interest into your home.
• It lasts for generations and can be passed through the family for a lifetime of enjoyment.
• Starting your investment journey can be daunting at first but talk to reputable gallery who are there to help guide you so you feel well equipped for an incredibly rewarding journey.

The Art of Attraction
The days of browsing the high street and finding things you had no intention of buying seem to be disappearing. Online is now becoming our go to and targets us directly, all thanks to the world of cookies (and not the choc chip kind!). The internet now suggest what we want and what we need, tailored for a completely unique online experience.
However, the fundamental rules still apply, we are ALL unique and we ALL have different tastes, from the clothes we wear, the food we eat to even the colour of our sofa.
We practice our subconcious likes and dislikes everyday and they propel every action we make, and ART is no different. Our unique taste is what makes us different to the next person. It is personal.
Art is simply a reflection of this, an extension of your personality and may even inspire others, creating lasting impressions. Surprise yourself, finding a piece of art which resonates with you will show more about your character than anything else. Art is a luxury to invest in and enjoy forever.
The art world may look like a minefield and confusing where to start and drop the pin; but by talking with a reputable gallery can guide you
on your journey.
As one of the leading UK galleries, we are happy to lend a hand. We offer in-person gallery experience and an online service. However, online does
not mean impersonal, we can call or FaceTime you around our Galleries and offer complimentary virtual art interior design for your home or workspace.
With two beautiful galleries in the heart of Baldock you can see, touch, and get up close to an eclectic portfolio of ever-changing works of art and
So, drop the pin and visit Baldock for a fine art experience.

July 2018 - Exclusive new artist, John Bramlitt

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