Dare to be Different in 2021

We are all starting the new year in an alien world we never imagined could happen, but events also have an uncanny way of producing some good from the madness. Many people have pursued forgotten passions, built on skills and readdressed many personal issues.
Our modern world and busy lifestyles usually over-shadow the time to express ourselves and what better way than reflecting our personalities through the world of art. So, dare to be different and create an extension of you.
Whether you are a ‘newby’ or a connoisseur, at Gallery 1066 we invite you to join us to explore your inner self. With our virtual exhibitions learn more about emerging artists and get to explore how the beauty of art can brighten your day and of course your walls!

We are excited to introduce these talented artists, all different in genre and all creating an army of collectors… with exciting new collections and original works there is also the opportunity of commissioning your very own private work of art. There has never been a better time to express yourself.
Art is personal and this is simply your personal journey….so enjoy the ride!
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The Art World Is Killin' It

“The increased demand of individuals moving their money out of the financial asset classes and stepping into the exciting world of art are discovering that their money is more secure than ever” 

Fine art does more than just add a dash of elegance or ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to your décor. In fact, with returns of up to 64.4% you would be mad not to take it more seriously. This year when financial investment opportunities are becoming increasingly precarious, the world of art is thriving as it runs completely in a league of its own. The increased demand of individuals moving their money out of the financial asset classes and stepping into the exciting world of art, are discovering that their money is more secure than ever. Now, investing in art doesn’t just mean it has to be a ‘Blue Chip’ master such as Andy Warhol, Banksy or Pabalo Picasso. It is good to learn and discover the new and emerging artists of our generation, who can give back a significant return for the future. Dealing with a Fine Art Gallery who you can trust to guide you through the different tiers of art investment is a MUST. 

Here at Gallery 1066 Fine Art, we have been guiding our clients for over twelve years towards the right investments for them, depending on their budget, aesthetic preferences and longevity of their return. Our portfolio of artists stretches from Spanish artist Salvador Dalí who is one of the most celebrated surrealist artists of the 20th century, to the renowned and collected masters of the 21st Century such as Fabian Perez, Todd White, Sherree Valentine Daines alongside many other celebrated names in our portfolio. By investing in art and sculpture, you will not only uncover a great joy in discovering an artist you love you can also be as eclectic as you wish; there are no limits in the art world. 
Is Art RISKY Business?

Art does more than brighten a living space.
The art market has become one of the hottest new investment crazes in recent years. An Art Basel annual report estimates global art market sales
reached over 68 billion in 2019. Painting and sculpture collectors frequently buy pieces with an eye towards adding to their investment portfolio. Like stocks and bonds, art can increase in value. If an up-and-coming artist goes on to a successful career, the cash value of their work will skyrocket.

ART Rules... the art market follows rules of its own.
One major perk of art as an asset is that its value doesn’t rise or decline with the stock market. Even if your stocks aren’t performing well, your art investment may be doing great – good news for the savvy investor who wants to diversify a portfolio and minimise risk. And ideally art will continue appreciating in value over time.

First Steps...
Firstly, decide how much money you’re happy spending.

Secondly, consider the aesthetic pleasure first and the financial benefits second. Browse sites like Artnet and online auction houses like Sotheby’s to get a sense of how the market works, but the easiest route is to talk to a reputable gallery who will help guide you on your art journey.
Since this is the information age, plenty of high-end artwork sells online and collectors are becoming increasingly comfortable using this platform to buy art. But before you buy over the Internet, make sure you’re purchasing from a legitimate gallery, dealer, or investment firm.

Art is non-liquid
Art and real estate go hand in hand and can take much longer to sell but are good solid investments... plus, you get so much more enjoyment from them.
Here are some signs why the reward might outweigh the risk.
• You simply enjoy art.
• It can be an extension of your personality and taste.
• It brings ambience, character and points of interest into your home.
• It lasts for generations and can be passed through the family for a lifetime of enjoyment.
• Starting your investment journey can be daunting at first but talk to reputable gallery who are there to help guide you so you feel well equipped for an incredibly rewarding journey.