Top Tips when Selling Art 

Who is the artist?

If you are interested in selling your piece of art it is important to know who the artist is and to research the history of this artist. We advise to follow your heart when buying an addition to your art collection and not to be too hung up on the artist, however when you are trying to sell your piece it is useful to have some history to get a better understanding of the artist behind the work. Research should give you a good indication of when and where you art was produced as well as the meaning or purpose of the work.


A good indication of the artist is to look of a signature on the front or back of the art.
You can try and identify your artist signature online at
You might also like to examine the signature at  but you do have to pay to access their full listing.

Certificate of Authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a good indication of the piece is genuine and has come from a well-respected publisher however certificates can also be forged so it is good to keep this with the painting at the time valuation.

Original or Limited Edition Print?

Originals are more sort after than limited edition prints however when the limited editions come from a small edition size and are sold out they do increase in value.
Originals are identified by their brushstrokes, texture and vibrancy. Limited edition prints can be identified by a number in the corner of the painting usually next to the artist signature. For example edition number 25 from an edition size of 195 would look like 25/195. Limited edition prints usually come with a certificate of authenticity displaying the artist name, title of the artwork, edition number and signature.

Which Medium?
Oil, acrylics, watercolour, pencil, ink, enamel paint are just some mediums that might have been used to create an original work of art. It is good to know which medium your art is created for when you come to sell it. 

Is your piece art in its original frame?

Frames are usually handmade and selected by the artist so we do advise you keep the original frame otherwise you run the risk of losing some value and recognition on the painting. Please ensure the frame is in perfect condition.

Get it Valued

Please find below the link to the UK wide member of the Society of Fine Art Valuers, hopefully you should be able to find a fairly local valuer who would be able to give you a bit more info about your piece. These valuers often hold auctions up and down the country as well which you can attend to get more advice -