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Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood’s extraordinary career ranges from rock legend to radio presenter, from writer to actor. Although he is best known as guitarist for the Rolling Stones, he has also pursued a lifelong passion for art that has won him international recognition and critical acclaim.

Wood describes his ‘awakening to art’ when as a child he won a competition and had his drawings featured on the BBC TV programme Sketch Club. His interest and obvious talent took him to the Ealing Art College, where coincidentally Freddie Mercury of Queen and Pete Townshend of The Who were also students.

Wood's artwork has been successfully exhibited in Europe, America and the Far East. Inextricably linked with his musical career, it features his fellow band members and other iconic figures from the world of rock music. 

Ronnie Wood: Hendrix
Ronnie Wood: Get up Stand Up
Ronnie Wood: Howlin Wolf
Ronnie Wood: Somebody Else
Ronnie Wood: Belushi
Ronnie Wood: Genghis
Ronnie Wood: Moscow Flyer
Ronnie Wood: Mandrill
Ronnie Wood: Chuck Berry I
Ronnie Wood: Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones Suite
Ronnie Wood: Please Allow Me
Ronnie Wood: Chuck Berry II
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