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Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson 

Born and brought up in London, Michael became interested in wildlife through family holidays spent on his grandparents’ farm in North Wales. His father, himself a talented amateur artist, took him out for long walks through the beautiful local landscape with a sketchbook, and encouraged him to draw the plants and animals they saw on their travels.

Michael was a child when he had his first sighting of two boxing hares in Anglesey and he was entranced by their ‘mad march’ behaviour. He cites this experience as the beginning of a lifelong interest in animal behaviour, and he planned to study Ecology and Wildlife Conservation at university. He achieved three science ‘A’ levels and a fourth in Art, but at the last minute had a major change of heart and decided to apply to study fine art instead. Michael was lucky enough to have an award-winning sculptor teaching in his department. She ran a specialist course and Michael became convinced that this was where his future lay. 

Michael now lives on the edge of Dartmoor with his wife and three sons. His highly acclaimed wildlife sculptures are widely collected in Europe and the USA

Michael Simpson: Hight Hopes
Michael Simpson: Hold On Tight
Michael Simpson: Sky Watcher
Michael Simpson: Out to Play
Michael Simpson: Nocturne
Michael Simpson: Moon Dance
Michael Simpson: Monarch
Michael Simpson: Duel
Michael Simpson: Anticipation
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