Alex Carlton: Finding the View | Original

9 X 12" image size 
Oil Painting on Arches oil paper
POA - Please enquire at the gallery.

"From the long grass and into the half tipped trees the land falls away. Steep chalk sides cup the ploughed ground.  Soil white and mauve looks smooth from here.  A landscape snap shot has that effect, smoothing out the stubbly reality."  
Alex Carlton

This piece comes in a wooden frame, please contact for more details.

Alex Carlton is an abstract oil painter compelled by texture and an expressive reaction to nature.  Each piece is started with a walk, travelling within the landscape, gathering tactile objects and photographing or sketching along the way.  

Her new collection has developed beyond a love for texture as she has introduced further materials into the paintings themselves.  This piece in particular includes shards of glass subtly and carefully embeded in alongside the texture of the paint making the work evermore eyecatcing.   

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