Wendy Corbett: At One with the Ocean

20 x 20" image size
Original Painting
Original Painting

Born in Birmingham in 1953 Corbett followed a varied career path before joining her father as a commercial artist. She did this for some years before moving sideways in to the Fine Art world and was fortunate to be signed by Washington Green. 


Wendy lived in Devon for a number of years and does count herself so lucky to have been surrounded by such wonderful inspiration. Corbett still use the reference gathered whilst living there as a base for her paintings still and visit the Westcountry as often as she can. Now based in Lancashire and Wendy has the stunning lake district a very short drive away.


Although known for her contemporary seascapes and depictions of the natural world, working primarily in pastels; Corbett's work has, in recent months, taken a change of direction.


Inspired by a return to studying the human form from life, her work has evolved to encompass a fluidity of movement. Corbett is keen to explore a looser style to create this by using the form to construct a work which retains the anonymity of the individual and instead relies on the composition and flow for impact.


Corbett does believe that as an artist her work has to develop and change direction in order for her to be inspired and for her work to remain fresh. It is a process she enjoys and one she shall continue to explore, who knows where it may lead.

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