Top tips when buying art
Fall in love
Art is the ultimate personal statement. In many ways, your choices in art are a window to your soul. If you buy the art you love, art that speaks to you, your collection will become a visual collage of who you are. Although buying art can lead to some great investments, most people buy simply because they form a real connection with the work. Follow your instincts - you want to make sure that you are going home with something that you will continue to enjoy for years to come.
Start with Limited Editions
If you’re thinking about starting a collection, then limited editions can be a good place to begin. They can provide a more accessible and affordable entry point into the market. As a rule of thumb, buy from as small an edition as you can.

Don't worry too much about the specific edition number, instead you should make sure the work is in good condition and published either by the artist or a reputable print publisher or gallery. Edition prints should be personally signed and come with an authenticity certificate by the artist/publisher.
Do your research
Visit as many galleries, exhibitions and studios as you can to build up an understanding of your likes and dislikes. Ask questions and be inquisitive and approach us for help and advice. We are passionate about art and we are desperate to impart our expertise!
Attend art fairs
Art fairs enable you to see many different galleries in one place.  Remember that gallery owners will represent more artists than they have space to show on their stands, so don’t be afraid to ask to see more work.
Look out for rising stars
Check out our ‘Emerging Artists’ to discover new and exciting artists. Sign up to receive our emails and like us on Facebook to see who is new and what is going on at London Row.
Keep your standards high
Whatever your rationale and budget for buying art, settling on the highest standard for every purchase should be one of your basic buying principles. Don’t purchase work of lesser quality, just because it’s by a high profile artist.
Go with your instincts
Don’t buy artwork because someone’s telling you it is fashionable or a good idea. Go for work that speaks to you and think about how it makes you feel. There’s no guarantee it’ll increase in value, so don’t anticipate this. If it does, see it as a bonus not a pre-requisite for buying. Try not to get swayed into a decision because of all the ‘noise’ that might be surrounding a popular artist.
Handle with care
Once you’ve found the art you love, don’t forget to care for it to ensure long term enjoyment from your collection.  Avoid sunlight and think about how light moves around a room across the course of a day.  If you can spend a bit more, get works such as drawings, photographs and prints framed behind museum-quality UV filter glass or perspex - it’s really worthwhile in terms of preserving colour and paper quality.
Do your paperwork
Keeping an inventory of what you’ve bought means you can record the little details about a work that you might easily forget. It’s not a bad idea to retain the invoice and a copy of the artists CV too. If you start to amass lots of works, seriously think about specialist art insurance for your collection.
Expand your knowledge
If you are looking to gain a better insight of the art world or are interested in getting expert advice on how to buy and collect contemporary art and craft, why not sign up for a course or join a group or membership organisation such as The Contemporary Art Society.  Not only will you gain more knowledge, but being part of the ‘bigger picture’ may give you that push to buy your first piece of art. It could even give you that extra bit of confidence to buy more adventurous artworks by artists you may not have considered before. Aside from the above, it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people who share your interest in the visual arts.
Set a budget
In your mind you really need to set a budget in terms of what you can afford and we would say you have to be prepared to spend a little bit more.  If you really love it, trust your instincts. As my grandmother used to say, true love is forever.  Set a budget and be prepared to spend a little more, A, because there’s shipping and insurance and things like that; but, B, because if it’s something you really love and it’s a little bit over your price range, I would say “stretch”.  Life is short and you want to be inspired. To make buying a more affordable experience We offer an INTEREST FREE service and payments can be spread over 12 months - please contact us for more information.
Buy more and enjoy the journey
Build a relationship with your gallery and they will look after you and get to know what you do and don’t like. Don’t be afraid to ask your gallery for advice, if you like a particular style or theme explore it, and remember don’t buy anything you don’t really want, it is something to be enjoyed and cherished and a good gallery will want to work with you to make sure you are happy with the collection you are building.