Be Original Buy Original 

Why do you buy original art? Maybe you want to bring some life into your living room, you might be inspired by the style of a certain artist or you may have other personal reasons. No matter what the reason is, buying original art is exciting!

Art can raise feelings, emotions and associations. It helps us reflect on ourselves and the reasons why we love this particular piece. An original piece of art can be the soul of a house. It can bring the whole house together and connect people. A beautiful and carefully chosen piece of art in your home will not only be an eye catcher, but will bring life to a room.


When you buy a one-off original piece from an artist, you can be sure of its uniqueness! By definition, it is impossible to make another piece exactly similar like the one you are possessing and that is the beauty of it. There is no reason why this uniqueness and personality should not be present in our interior design too. Art is a great way to show your uniqueness and show little bits of your personality.

Art as Investment

You may also consider to buy original art for financial reasons. Buying original art means it is completely unique making it extremley desirable. You are purchasing a part of an artists talent which no one else will have but you! Finding those promising, emerging artists or collecting a renowened  professional artist, once acquiring one of their pieces, the value of the piece could just sky-rocket.

Supporting an Artist 

Next to knowing the story behind an artwork you can actually support artists. When you buy a piece by a living artist, you support them in their livelihood. You reward them for creativity and hours of work to create that one unique piece.

Just beacuse you fall in love with it

Last but not least. You may just buy that original piece of art because you like it. Just because of that. All the reasons mentioned before might have an impact on your decision to buy original art. But, the last trigger is that you just love that piece of art. Usually, from the first moment you saw it. Love at first sight...