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Henderson Cisz

Henderson Cisz

The show-stopping cityscapes of Henderson Cisz have established his international reputation as one of the finest artists of his generation and a virtuoso of urban style.

Born and brought up in South America, Henderson now lives in London, but still loves to travel the world painting the drama and diversity of modern metropolitan life. He has formed an intense and affectionate artistic relationship with many of the world's most iconic cities, and his arresting interpretations breathe life into the elegant boulevards of Paris and the imposing skyscrapers of New York.

Voted Artist of the Year by the UK's galleries, Henderson is also the holder of the coveted John Solomon trophy, which is awarded annually to the artist judged to have made the greatest impact on the art market; a testament to the fact that his work has been both successful and immensely influential in the world of fine art. He has been the subject of a beautiful fine art retrospective and biography, 'City Living'.

Henderson Cisz: Winter Palace
Henderson Cisz: Lights of Paris | Original
Henderson Cisz: Times Square V | Original
Henderson Cisz: View of the Salute, Venice | Original
Henderson Cisz: Thames Westminster II | Original
Henderson Cisz: Paris IX | Original
Henderson Cisz: Autumn Trees New York | Original
Henderson Cisz: Times Square at Twilight
Henderson Cisz: Paris in the Snow
Henderson Cisz: Winter in Westminster
Henderson Cisz: Flower Stall, Amsterdam
Henderson Cisz: Flower Stall, Paris
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