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Hayley Goodhead

Hayley Goodhead

Hayley is one of this year's most exciting artistic discoveries. Her witty and distinctive animal images are inspired by all things contemporary - well known brands, the colours and patterns of the fashion world, the modern love of the visual joke - and she brings these elements together in her uniquely appealing realist style and vibrant palette.

Hayley was born in Staffordshire and from a young age all she ever wanted to be was a professional artist. She graduated from The University of Gloucestershire in 2010 with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and embarked on her personal journey towards artistic recognition, painting during the week and finding inspiration at the weekend working in a gallery.

Her stylish images have swiftly become highly sought-after and her creative imagination and unstoppable flow of new ideas suggest that she is a major star in the making.

Hayley Goodhead: Wonder Woman
Hayley Goodhead: Damien's Herd
Hayley Goodhead: The Look of Love
Hayley Goodhead: Flying Colours
Hayley Goodhead: Trendsetter
Hayley Goodhead: Express Yourself
Hayley Goodhead: Dare to be Different
Hayley Goodhead: Show Your Colours
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