Escape over Land & Sea this Summer..

Land & Seascape Exhibtion 
Let the power of art take you away this summer as the gallery exhibits an outstanding collection of land and seascape artists. Our sister gallery, Gallery 1066 will be celebrating the natural landscape and how it inspires so many artists. Exhibiting over 20 acclaimed artists from both the UK and around the globe. Please join us to celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape of near and far at our preview evening on Thursday 23rd June, 6 – 9pm, the show continues until the end of July. Admission free, please contact the gallery for further details.

Calm waters with Philip Gray 

Enjoy the calm waters of our adventurous artist Philip Gray who will be one of our artists at the show.  After 17 years as an Irish naval diver, Phillip has established himself as an extreme artist, welcoming us to his vision of moving sea and landscapes and attracting a range of celebrity collectors from Bill Clinton to Dolly Parton! Philip’s adventurous spirit and love for the natural world has led him to painting expeditions like no other; Everest base Camp, 60 feet beneath the surface of shark infested waters, the rainforest of Borneo, deep in the caves and atop the volcanoes of Iceland… his expeditions are legendary and his innovative artwork has won him a unique position in the international art world. Please visit the gallery to see Philip’s original works and new limited edition collection