Come meet iconographer Jen Allen!

International Iconographer Jen Allen at Gallery 1066

We are delighted to announce outstanding figurative artist and iconographer Jen Allen will be in attendance on
Thursday 9th June, 7-9pm.
Jen’s unique portraits are highly collectable across the globe and her work is often auctioned after being created before a live audience. Her versatile talents have won her an extraordinary range of clients include the BBC, ITV, Marks and Spencers, Barclays Bank, Virgin and the government of the UAE. She has also painted three royal portraits and the cast of ‘Coronation Street’ as a part of the show’s 50th birthday celebrations.
Please join us and experience Jen’s speed painting skills during a live demo on the night. This is strictly an RSVP event so please contact the gallery to reserve your place on the guest list!

Looking for relaxation
Enjoy the calm waters of our adventurous artist Philip Gray.  After 17 years as an Irish naval diver, Phillip has established himself as an extreme artist, welcoming us to his vision of moving sea and landscapes and attracting a range of celebrity collectors from Bill Clinton to Dolly Parton! Philip’s adventurous spirit and love for the natural world has led him to painting expeditions like no other; Everest base Camp, 60 feet beneath the surface of shark infested waters, the rainforest of Borneo, deep in the caves and atop the volcanoes of Iceland… his expeditions are legendary and his innovative artwork has won him a unique position in the international art world. Please visit the gallery to see Philip’s original works and new limited edition collection.
Planning a city break?
Explore the cityscapes of Henderson Cisz our Brazilian artist who is infatuated with the drama and diversity of modern metropolitan life. Travelling between many of the world’s most iconic cities, Henderson has formed an intense and affectionate artistic relationship with these special places. Why not buy the perfect piece to encompass that perfect city break or remind a loved one of that weekend away..